Genus Xiphinema

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            Family Longidoridae
                        Genus Xiphinema


Genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913

“Spear greatly attenuated with extensions bearing elongate, basal flanges.  Spear guiding ring deep in the pharynx.   Basal part of esophagus 2-4 times as long as body width.  Vulva transverse with muscular labia.  Ovaries 1 or 2.  Tails hemispheroid to elongate cylindroid.  Males often unknown or rare.  Species are not assigned to subgenera as outlined by Cohn and Sher, 1972.” From Powers and Mullin website    



Powers T. and P. Mullin. Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes. University of Nebraska Nematology Website.