Genus Merlinius

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            Family Tylenchidae
                        Genus Merlinius


Merlinius Siddiqi, 1970

Description: “Body medium sized. Lateral field with six lines (eight in M. koreanus, though only six are visible in lateral view). Longitudinal ridges sometimes present (M. koreanus). Deirids, when present, at a level where the lateral field has only four lines.  Tail medium sized (c’: 2-4) conoid, never with thickened cuticle in distal portion.  Labial region continuous to slightly offset.  Scanning electron microscope face view typically with oval labial disc surrounded with six-sectored first lip annulus, submedian sectors somewhat flattened.  Labial region annuli interrupted by longitudinal striations or grooves.  Stylet generally medium sized, 20-25 µm long, sometimes shorter (10 µm) or longer (up to 40-50 µm), cone sometimes needle shaped.  Males spicules without well developed velum, cylindroids, blunt-ended.  Gubernaculum not protruding from cloaca” From Fortuner and Luc, 1987 and Mai et al. 1996.


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