Genus Bastiania

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            Family Bastianiidae
                        Genus Bastiania

Genus Bastiania de Man, 1876

 “Definition:  Bastianiidae.  Long, lithe, slender nematodes.  Cuticle transversely striated, sometimes with numerous, short bistles irregularly scattered over the body.  No lateral fields.  Amphids spiral, placed some distance behind head end.  Head not offset, without lips but with minute papillae and with 6, 8 or 10 setae.  Stoma apparently absent or very narrow.  Oesophagus very long and but slightly swollen posteriorly, without a distinct bulb.  Gland cells present between oesophagus and intestine, more or less spherical.  Vulva post-equatorial; gonads paired, opposed and outstretched.  Spicules paired, slightly ventrally arcuate, tips pointed.  Gubernaculum absent.  Numerous pre-anal, setose, papilloid, ventral supplements present.  Tails long and gradually tapering, containing gland cels and ending in a pointed terminal duct.” From Goodey 1963 and Powers and Mullin website  


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