Genus Aporcelaimellus

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            Family Aporcelaimidae
            Genus Aporcelaimellus


Genus Aporcelaimellus Heyns, 1965 emended

" " from Vinciguerra, 2006

”Aporcelaimidae.  Generally medium sized nemas 1.5 - 3.0 mm long.  Cuticle with thin cortical layer and frequently two thick layers which are especially prominent on the tails.  Minute transverse striae usually visible.  Lip region angular, set off by deep constriction.  Spear aperture occupying 2/5 or more of its length.  Guiding ring a muscular collar, rarely slightly sclerotized.  Esophagus enlarged by long, gradual expansion.  Dorsal esophageal gland nucleus well behind its orifice.  A thin cardiac disc present, followed by a conoid cardia.  Vulva a transverse slit usually with sclerotized labia.  Tail varying from hemispheroid to elongate conoid, rarely slightly digitate.  Males very rare and apparently not functional.” Throne, 1974 and from Powers and Mullin website


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