Genus Aphelenchoides

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            Family Aphelenchoididae
                        Genus Aphelenchoides


Genus Aphelenchoides
Fischer, 1894

"Diagnosis: Habitus of females straight to ventrally arcuate. Habitus of males 'walking stick'-shaped: tail region sharply curved ventrally. Cuticula finely annulated. Lateral field often with four incisures, sometimes with two or three. Cephalic region usually rounded and slightly offset, cephalic framework weak, six equal-sized lips. Stylet slender, usually with basal knobs or swellings, about 10-12 micrometers long. Vulva usually at 60-75% of the body length, only exceptionally more posterior. Tail conoid with a variable terminus, which may be bluntly or finely rounded, digitate or bifurcate or with ventral projection. One or more mucrons of various shapes may be present. Spicules thorn-shaped Typically three pairs of caudal papillae, one pair adanal, one pair subterminal and the other in between. Bursa absent (diagnosis modified after Hunt, 1993)." From Bert and Borgonie 2006

 “Diagnosis: Aphelenchoididae. Lip region continuous or slightly set off.  Lateral fields usually with 4 incisures.  Spear slender, with or without weak knobs.  Median bulb spheroid, usually about as wide as neck cavity.  Basal part of esophagus extended back in a long lobe. Hemizonid posterior to excretory pore.  Ovary outstretched. Posterior uterine branch usually present.  Males without bursa or gubernaculum. Terminus bluntly rounded, often bearing a mucro. Phasmids usually obscure, located near terminus.”Type species: Aphelenchoides kuehnii  Fischer, 1894.”  Description- Thorne and Malek, 1968 and Powers and Mullin website

Aphelenchoides bicaudatus was found in Dececember 12, 2007 in KBS T7-6.  Description in, and many pictures in both computers.


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Powers T. and P. Mullin. Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes. University of Nebraska Nematology Website.